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Parent's Corner

We Will Miss You Mrs. Isca!

KayLynn Isca, the librarian at Holy Cross, has accepted a full-time position at the Allen County Public Library in the reader’s services department. We are sad to see her leave Holy Cross, but look forward to her exciting future at the downtown branch.

 Mrs. Isca, who has worked at Holy Cross since 2009, is a second-generation staff person. Her mother taught fourth grade at Holy Cross Lutheran Church and School and her parents are longtime members.

 After working with children for many years, she said the biggest change will be working with adults. She will miss the students of Holy Cross and has enjoyed watching many of them grow up. She will also miss the staff and how they prayed for each other.

 Mrs. Isca thanks all the faithful volunteers who worked tirelessly to keep the library running.  “This program would not work as it does without the support of all the faithful volunteers. College students, parents, grandparents--each one has a made contribution to this program.”

 We’re thankful for Mrs. Isca and her love of reading that she shared with all students.  “I do believe that reading is important, not just in academic work, but because you can learn so much through reading,” she said. “I hope the kids will keep on reading and will find more authors that they love.”

 Mrs. Isca hopes that Holy Cross students will visit her at the Allen County Public Library.

Tamber Schorey