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Parent's Corner

Students Learn Latest Technology

Ethan Kesar is a first-year teacher who knows his way around technology.  Now he’s sharing his love for computers with the students at Holy Cross.

After graduating in May from Concordia University in Nebraska with a B.S. in elementary education and a technology concentration, he now equips students with the skills they need for the future.

While the youngest students are learning about browsers and how to navigate a web page, the fourth and fifth grades are learning about file sizes. He uses metaphors of animals to help the students understand how a byte is like a rabbit, while a terabyte is like Godzilla. These lessons have practical application too, like understanding the size of a photo you can send via email and how much data someone uses on a cell phone.

The middle school students are diving into more advanced projects, like presentations that go beyond traditional PowerPoint. By showing them programs like Adobe Spark, which does video, social media design, and basic websites, students gain practice diversifying their experience with technology. Mr. Kesar also plans to introduce students to basic coding.

Thanks to the Parent Action Team, the students now have new headphones in the computer lab, which will be instrumental when they learn how to create digital music in the spring. In the future, Mr. Kesar hopes to start a YouTube comedy channel that would be written and produced by Holy Cross students.

Although Mr. Kesar is in his first year, he is looking forward to inspiring students with technology.

You can follow Mr. Kesar and his student projects on Twitter: @mrKesar16.

Tamber Schorey