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Parent's Corner

Special Dress Days

Uniform Shorts can be worn through October 31.

Faith Family Chapels are on the FIRST WEDNESDAY of every month. Your student wears their Faith Family t-shirts and uniform bottoms.

What are Faith Family Chapels? Faith Families are designed to show every student that they have a caring adult advocate from our community who knows them by name and can help care for and support them.  Each Faith Family will have a group of students, with children from every grade level and an adult leader. Students will listen during 1st Wednesday Chapels to a short, themed message as a large group at 8:30 and then will be dismissed to meet in their Faith Family group, where our trained 7th or 8th grade students will help facilitate a faith discussion. 

Spirit Days are on the LAST FRIDAY of the each month. Your student can wear jeans or uniform bottoms and a Holy Cross school t-shirt. Contact Janne Ross (jross@holycrossfw.org) if you would like to order school gear.

Tamber Schorey