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Parent's Corner

New Schedules for Middle School

 The middle school is gearing up for some exciting changes this year at Holy Cross!  The sixth graders, who will follow a different schedule than the seventh and eighth graders, will be self-contained during their core classes of math, science, language arts and social studies. Two teachers will cover these subjects, with students switching teachers midway through the day.

Seventh and eighth graders will have a flexible block schedule. This gives teachers 85 minutes to cover two content areas—language arts and social studies or math and science. Four teachers will oversee the two areas, allowing staff to collaborate on lesson plans geared for the new schedule. This gives them more flexibility to plan additional time for projects when needed. Fine arts and electives will be scheduled at the end of the day.

The block schedule also creates a unique opportunity over the lunch hour. Students have the chance to participate in a group geared towards leadership development. Groups include student life, model UN, student council, a leadership class, a math competition team and more to come. Students will meet in their homeroom on Mondays and can choose to participate in groups the rest of the week. Those not in a leadership class will have the opportunity for recess. All these additions add up to some great learning opportunities for students this year.

Cecily Chandler