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Parent's Corner

National Lutheran Schools Week is Next Week

This year's National Lutheran Schools Week (NLSW) theme is "Upon this Rock" - raising up the next generation of faithful disciples. During the week of January 23-27, Holy Cross will have Penny Wars and Dress Up days.

Penny Wars 

The students will be having a penny war and all of the proceeds will be going to help out Lutheran South Unity.  Lutheran South Unity is one our very own Lutheran Schools here in Ft. Wayne, Indiana who can use our help financially.  There will be three teams. Each team will collect pennies and put them into a large container outside of the office at the start of each day.  Each penny counts as one point.  Other classes may put silver coins or dollar bills into an opposing container to take away points from a team. The team that raises the most money after the “War” is over, will add to their team points at the end of the week.   

Dress Up Days

  • Monday - Jersey day (wear your favorite team jersey/shirt) or Green and Gray day 
  • Tuesday -Character Day (no masks or weapons)
  • Wednesday - Decade Day (dress in clothes that represent your favorite decade)
  • Thursday - Mismatch day (wear clothes that do not match or wear two different shoes)
  • Friday - Color Day (Grades K, 3, 6 - Red, Grades 1, 4, 7 - Green, Grades 2, 5, 8 - Blue)
Tamber Schorey