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Parent's Corner

Mission Chapel Offerings

We are SO happy that with our August & September 1st-8th Grade Chapel offerings were able to support the ongoing work of Southwest Lutheran in the Oak River apartments down the street (on Griswold).  Holy Cross was able to partner with them by providing internet to their Learning Center for the year.  They are so appreciative and would gladly accept any help (especially Mondays & Tuesdays) after school from 3:30-4:30 pm.  Let Chad Van Meter (cvanmeter@holycrossfw.org or 739-6524) know if you are interested.  Thank you!!

During the month of October, our Chapel offerings will go toward India Transformed, specifically their school ministry.  Much like Holy Cross, they started a Christian school in India (a country where only 2.3% of the population is Christian) to reach out to the community with the love of Christ.  They provide a holistic ministry to their students. 

Our goal is to collect $420 to sponsor a child in the New Life Children's Programs.  They have small schools in several villages & the children receive their education, meals, clothing and school supplies.  Most children go home in the evening, but some children are part of the residential program.  $420 is literally about $1 per Holy Cross student.   Can we do it?  Yes we can!!! Bring offerings in during the month of October.  

Tamber Schorey