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Meet Our New Librarian: Dianne Giannakeff

As the new librarian of Holy Cross, Dianne Giannakeff looks forward to helping students and teachers explore the library’s resources.

Born in Fort Wayne and graduating from CLHS, she taught English, speech and drama at Concordia Lutheran High School for 15 years, worked on Paul Fischer’s production of On the Waterways as a research assistant, and was the director of drama at Trinity English Lutheran Church for 23 years. She taught composition at IPFW for 11 years and currently assists Chris Murphy, director of drama at CLHS and a former student of hers, with costuming and some directing duties. Mrs. Giannakeff has helped in several classes at Holy Cross as a substitute teacher and has assisted Mrs. Hobby with class projects, reading, and writing dramas for chapel.

“Most of my teaching experience has required me to assist students in finding research for the topics they have chosen upon which to write. I am very familiar with using the internet to find both non-scholarly and scholarly sources. I love libraries and all they offer, both in terms of enjoyment and education.”

In addition to a love of reading, Mrs. Giannakeff enjoys fishing (she lives on the lake with her husband), gardening and travel. Favorite trips include exploring Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica and a trip to Newfoundland, Canada.  She also is a “pet parent” to five cats and a beagle named Henry.

Mrs Giannakeff adds, “I am absolutely looking forward to working with the teachers and the students for whatever needs they have where the school library’s resources can help them, as well as assisting in any capacity that will serve Holy Cross.”

Tamber Schorey