Holy Cross
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Parent's Corner

Maundy Thursday Event

On Maundy Thursday, April 13, the students will enjoy a new activity and event during the afternoon as they learn about Jesus' path to the cross during Holy Week. It will begin at 12 noon and take the whole afternoon for all the students to complete.

Classroom Activities will include tracing their hands and writing their sins on them, making Salvation Necklaces, and opening Resurrection Eggs. 

Kids will experience several destinations beginning with the Triumphal Entry on Palm Sunday and then go to The Passover Meal in the cafeteria. Their next stop is at the Prison in the gym where they will meet Barabbas. Then they will go to the library to meet the Roman Soldier and put their traced hands on the nails of the cross as a reminder that we all have sinned and nailed Jesus to the cross. The Cross will then be carried in to the Sanctuary for the closing service. The closing skit will be a powerful Salvation Message! 

Staff and parents are invited for this brief service from 2:35 - 3:05 pm. This event is taking the place of our April Faith Family service during Passion Week. All Faith Family leaders are welcome!

We pray for God's presence to be felt, tasted, smelled, touched and heard in the hearts of all His children during this event. We ask that each student sees Jesus as the way to receive God's unearned forgiveness in their lives.

Tamber Schorey