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Holy Cross Students Hold Presidential Election

Students at Holy Cross are gearing up for their own presidential election this week. Eighth-grade students are preparing presentations for K-8th grade classes about the presidential candidates, which will be followed by a simulated election on Friday.

While their votes don’t really count towards the real election, it teaches students valuable lessons about voting. According to one survey, eighty-eight percent of Americans want their children taught about elections and democracy starting in elementary school.    

To prepare, eighth-grade social studies classes discussed past and present election issues and campaigns. On Thursday, they will make age-appropriate presentations to each class on Trump, Clinton and Johnson. Middle School teacher Donna Wray said this experience helps students to realize the importance of understanding issues in elections, rather than just voting for a person or party.

On Friday, Holy Cross students will cast their votes. Eighth graders will supervise the voting, giving students the chance to see how an election works firsthand.

Mrs. Wray adds, “I want students to be able to discuss issues in a knowledgeable way. I think a real life election experience will benefit all Holy Cross students and impress upon them the importance of a citizen's right to vote.”


Tamber Schorey