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Parent's Corner

Holy Cross Faith Families

This year at Holy Cross School we are doing something new: Faith Families—a small group of students and a faculty/staff leader who meet for a faith discussion during the first Wednesday chapel of the month. The idea is simple: We want every student at Holy Cross to have a caring adult advocate from our community who knows them by name and can help care for and support them. 

Each Faith Family will have a group of students, with children from every grade level and an adult leader. Students will listen during 1st Wednesday Chapels to a short, themed message as a large group at 8:30 and then will be dismissed to meet in their Faith Family group, where our trained 7th or 8th grade students will help facilitate the 252-based faith discussion. We hope that every student feels cared for and nurtured spiritually through our Faith Families program this year.

Tamber Schorey