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Parent's Corner

Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day is Wednesday, November 21. We appreciate your cooperation in filling out the Grandparents Day forms and letting us know if your student(s) will have Grandparents joining us for lunch on that day. Holy Cross looks forward to this day of celebration with the Grandparents and put many hours of preparation into making the day enjoyable for everyone. We ask that you please coordinate with Grandparent BEFORE reserving a lunch to be sure the Grandparent will be staying for this part of the day. Lunches are ordered ahead of time and we appreciate if they stay and eat the lunch provided if this is what they signed up for. Last minute changes result in meals that we are required to discard.

If your student is leaving with an adult early that day please be sure to circle YES on the form. Students will need an exit pass to leave the school early that day. Exit passes will be given to students who indicated that they have permission to leave with the grandparent on the form.

Any parents who are able to help with Grandparents Day please fill out the volunteer form and return it to school.

Please select the invitation form and return to your student’s teacher by Friday, November 16. Printed copies of these forms were sent home with the students this week.

Tamber Schorey