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Parent's Corner

Enjoy Kayaking?

Our Day One Community Group Better Together will be kayaking on Monday, July 9th and Monday, July 23rd with Fort Wayne Outfitters! Join us for Margarita Monday and enjoy a paddle through downtown led by Eden Lamb of Fort Wayne Outfitters, followed by dinner/margaritas at Don Chava's! Everyone is welcome!

Paddle time is 6:00 p.m. so please arrive 15-20 minutes early to get you and your boat to the water. Please call or visit Fort Wayne Outfitters website (fwoutfitters.com) to reserve your spot and rental. Paddle time is 1-1.5 hour long and Don Chava's is completely optional!

  • Single kayak rental $15
  • Double kayak or canoe $20
  • Bring your own kayak/canoe: Free

*These rates do not include dinner and/or drinks at Don Chavas.

Tamber Schorey