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Sunday RE-Fuel Classes

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Sunday Mornings @ 9:30 am (Beginning Oct 7)

  • The Crazy Cycle in Marriage (A RightNow Media ) ~ Chad & Lesa Van Meter

     We know that divorce is a major issue in our culture today, both inside and outside the church. Despite our best attempts at love, couples find themselves paralyzed by dysfunction and mired in conflict. Why do we face so many seemingly insurmountable problems today? Is there hope for the struggle? What are we missing? Join us for a 4-part series exploring God’s unique design of men and women and how we can embrace the differences. Check out a promo video to learn more.

  • Luther’s Last Will (A Study of Smalcald Articles) ~ Pastor Ahlersmeyer

    The Smalcald Articles -- a writing by Luther in a collection of writings known as The Lutheran Confessions -- has been nicknamed "Luther's Last Will and Testament."  It expresses what he believes to be of first importance for Christian faith -- Jesus Christ and His saving work.  Luther then takes this guiding principle and uses it as a diagnostic tool to consider our beliefs and practices.  Pastor A leads this fascinating study of a nearly 500-year-old document that still speaks to the faith challenges of our age. 

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