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Parent's Corner

Crusader Run Results

  • Preschool- Deklan Moore 12, Connor Johnston 12, Laila Lopez 12, Connor Hinton 12

  •  Kindergarten- Evan Doepner 16, Coltyn Richeson 16, Trey Troxell 16

  •  1st Grade- Elijah Flowers 17

  •  2nd Grade- Oliver Anzini 20, Javel Woods 20

  •  3rd Grade- Parker Knoblauch 26

  •  4th Grade- Brycen Kelly 24, Trevor Trent 24

  •  5th Grade- Noah Kim 25, Ethan Walker 25

  •  6th Grade- Jalen Campos 27, Jack Henry Andrews 27

  •  7th Grade- Patrick Anzini 27

  •  8th Grade James Rusher 29

Top Lap Results:

  • Top lap winner in Middle School is James Rusher with 29 laps.

  • Top lap winner in Preschool-5th grade is Parker Knoblauch (3rd Grade) with 26 laps.

  • Congratulations to the Middle School Boys for winning the contest against the Middle School Girls with 1,430 vs. 997 laps!! Sorry Tama & Jen, you’ll be getting a pie in the face!

Pledge Sheets are due by next Friday, October 5th!


Thank you so much to Lesa Van Meter of Shadowlands Photography. Check out pictures from the Crusader Run. Use your personal email and then use this code for the password: 2cEsjx4DKu.

We want to thank The Crusader Man, Johnny from the Tincaps and Icy from the Komets for encouraging the students and making it a fun day!

Tamber Schorey