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Parent's Corner

Come Kayaking With Us

Join Holy Cross Better Together Group for Margarita Monday on Monday, August 26th from 5:45 - 8:15 pm hosted by Fort Wayne Outfitters and enjoy a paddle through downtown led by Eden Lamb, followed by an optional meal/margaritas at Don Chava's!

Paddle time is 6 p.m. so please arrive 15-20 minutes early to get you and your boat to the water. Please call or visit Fort Wayne Outfitters website to reserve your spot and rental. Paddle time is 1-1.5 hour long and Don Chava's is completely optional!

Single kayak rental $20
Double kayak or canoe $30
Bring your own kayak/canoe: Free
*These rates do not include dinner and/or drinks at Don Chavas

Phone: 260-420-3962
Website: http://fwoutfitters.com/rental-info/canoes-kayaks-sups/

Any questions about this event, contact Laurie Carter (lauriecarter4@gmail.com).

Tamber Schorey