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Parent's Corner

Angelis Choir

The Angelis Choir sings Sunday, September 9th at the 10:30 AM service. Please arrive at the Band/Choir Room no later than 10:05 to get robed and warmed up. Any parent helpers that could help with robes would be VERY WELCOME! After the service, parents please pick up your singers from the Band/Choir Room.

Thank You! *Mrs. LaCroix 


The 2018-19 Angelis Choir Members:

Aleese Branigan, Madison Brenner, Willow Crabill, Ayva Dixon, Anna Gernhardt, Jasmine Heaven, Lilyana Hunley, Asia Johnson, Ian Leighty, Cocoa Milleman, Naomi Saalfrank, Gavin Weikle, Tessa Baatz, Allison Becker, Claire Gleave, Courtney Inman, Josh Kanning, William Lomont, Eva Lugo, Mary Lun, Isabelle Roberts, Sora Ross, Bode Thompson, Emily Thompson, Kara Tom, Ellen Voors, Trennon Chavez, Caleb Dekker, Mason Malone, Madison Raypole, Lilly Schlicker, Katie Vogt, Grant Allman, Alana Branigan, Bernie Chesebrough, Zachary Huston, Finley Malone, Maeve McCurdy, Alexis Spreen, Isaiah Thom

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