Holy Cross
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Middle School

Holy Cross' Middle School is comprised of 6-8th grade. We have been blessed with the ability to run as a middle school. The students all have their own lockers. The 6th graders change classes between two teachers for their core classes. The 7th & 8th graders have a flexible block schedule of 85 minutes each.  All of our teachers are licensed in the area in which they teach. We offer Literature, English (writing & grammar), Math, Science, Social Studies, Christian Faith, Library, Computer, and Physical Education. We also offer elective classes which include but are not limited to Music, Choir, Video Production, Computer Animation and Design, Robotics, Intramurals, 3-D Art, Modeling, Spanish, Drafting, Crafts, First Aid and Mind Benders.

Spiritual Life

Our Middle School students carry out our mission through specific opportunities for spiritual growth including:

  • Instruction in the Lutheran faith and Christian Worldview
  • Weekly chapel services

Optional activites offered include:

  • Choir
  • Student life committee
  • Various service opportunities

Students in middle school receive instruction in core classes including:

  • Math
  • Science
  • English
  • Social Studies
  • Literature

Opportunities to explore interests outside the required classes are offered through electives such as art, music, and foreign language. Middle school students change classes which gives them the opportunity to work with various teachers and practice organizational skills. The middle school setting at Holy Cross is designed to prepare students for their upcoming years in high school.

The Resource Room at Holy Cross serves students in grades K-8.  Students are taught at their level to build and reinforce skills.  Teachers meet monthly with the Resource teacher through DATA Team meetings, creating and implementing plans to best help students.  The Resource Room serves students through ISPs, RTI and general intervention.


In addition to our regular physical education program, we offer an extra-curricular competitive sports program after school for 5-8th grade students. The program exists to teach and exemplify the values of sportsmanship, cooperation, and teamwork. We hope to achieve friendships, leadership, and positive attitudes toward sports and athletic competition. 

For boys, we offer:

Cross-Country and Track

For girls, we offer:

Cross-Country and Track


To enrich our academic life at Holy Cross, we offer classroom instruction and extra-curricular participation in the fine arts.


Junior Choir is a volunteer choir for 6th-8th graders. The choir rehearses during 3 class periods each week and performs monthly at our Church, at special functions, sings Christmas Carols for businesses downtown, participates at ISSMA and goes on a 2 day concert tour in May. Concert Band consists of 6-8th graders and rehearses twice a week. The band presents 2 concerts a year. Beginners Band is for first year band students in 5th grade.

We offer visual art classes in 3D art, clay modeling, drafting, crafts, Medieval art, computer animation and design, and video production.