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Holy Cross' K-5th grade program is an area of excellence. We partner with our parents to raise our children in a God pleasing manner. While your child is in our care, he/she will be involved with Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Christian Faith, Computer, Library, Fine Arts, and Physical Education. We realize the importance of relationships so we offer many age appropriate field trips and family nights.

Spiritual Life

Our K-5th grade students carry out our mission through

  • Weekly chapel
  • Daily devotions
  • Christian Worldview
  • Chapel offerings
  • Service projects
  • Chapel mates
  • 2:52 Basics Curriculum
  • Ethnic Week Committee activities
  • National Lutheran Schools Week

Weekly Chapel and daily devotions encourage students to grow in their relationship and understanding of God. In age-appropriate ways we support the faith development of your child, teaching them in every way we can about God's great love for them. Through singing, sharing, and serving (locally and globally through chapel offerings and various service projects), your child will be invited to explore the many wonders of God's grace.


Our school is accredited by the National Lutheran School Association and the State of Indiana. K-5th students advance in skills in the following curriculum areas:

  • Religion - 2:52 Basics and Christian World View Training
  • Language Arts – Reading, Accelerated Reader, 6 Trait Writing, Phonics, Spelling, and Handwriting.
  • Mathematics – Hands on, Math Facts in a Flash, and Star Math
  • Social Studies – History, Civics and Government, Geography, Economics, Individuals, Society, and Culture
  • Science – Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science, Space and Technology
  • Technology – Microsoft Office products, Photoshop, Kid Pix, and many more.
  • Fine Arts – Music, Band, Strings, Choir, Art, Drama
  • Physical Education – Fitness, Game Skills, Healthy Living

The Resource Room at Holy Cross serves students in grades K-8.  Students are taught at their level to build and reinforce skills.  Teachers meet monthly with the Resource teacher through DATA Team meetings, creating and implementing plans to best help students.  The Resource Room serves students through ISPs, RTI and general intervention.


In addition to our regular physical education program, we offer competitive sports programs after school to students in 5-8th grade. The purpose of the athletic program is to provide families the opportunity for their child to experience the enriching values of athletic participation - sportsmanship, cooperation, teamwork, self-discipline, physical health, leadership and friendship building in the larger context of service to God and man.

Coaches focus on assisting student athletes in their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual development. Coaches through their individual leadership will strive to encourage student athletes to participate with Christ-like qualities in word and deed in a positive learning atmosphere that is both challenging and enjoyable.

Holy Cross is part of the Lutheran School Athletic Association which governs Lutheran athletic teams in this area.

  • For girls we offer soccer, cross country, basketball, track, volleyball and cheerleading.
  • For boys we offer football, cross country, basketball, wrestling, soccer and track.

Our students excel in the fine arts of music, art, poetry, prose, speech, and drama. Talents are showcased in chapel, church services, school assemblies, contests, and fairs. We encourage students to use their God given talents to spread the Gospel.

  • A music specialist meets bi-weekly with all students to teach music appreciation, theory, history, and performance skills. Various choirs perform at our church, for other congregations and at contests.
  • Two levels of skill development are offered to promote participation in band: Beginning Band and Crusader Band. Students strive to develop their skills with their chosen instrument.
  • Classroom instructors familiarize students with art vocabulary, history, the masters, and elements of art through a variety of projects which are integrated into the school's curriculum.
  • The Allen County Poetry Contest provides an opportunity for many of our students' writing skills to shine. The Young Author’s Contest motivates students to publish a book. Writing is intertwined into each subject area.
Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Curriculum



Activities, Events, Field Trips:

Throughout the year, kindergarten has many special activities and field trips worked into our curriculum. These are some of our special days and field trips: Neighborhood walk, Safety Village, pumpkin farm, Merry Lea pioneer farm, Creator’s classroom, Junior Achievement,  Family Fun Night advent wreath making, K-2 Advent service, Dairy farm field trip, Mother’s tea, Donuts with dad, Kindy field day, Zoo, DeBrand’s, 100 day activities, Wonka-fest 

We also participate in Pizza Hut’s Book-it Reading program and also the Tin-caps reading program.


In Kindergarten, our children are highly engaged through hands on activities throughout all subject matters. We use language arts and math centers to help differentiate instruction for our students. Religious instruction is not just part of Jesus time. We talk about and share God’s love and Word throughout our entire day. By the end of the year, your child will be reading easy readers, be able to do addition and subtraction, and write a simple paragraph.

eLearning Days

Kindergarten students will be expected to use specific websites to practice reading, writing, math, and phonetic activities. Our assignments will be found on our classroom Wiki page.


1st Grade


Activities, Events, Field Trips:

·      Apple Day, which correlates with the Johnny Appleseed Festival

·      Gifting of the Bible

·      Toybox Theatre at CLHS

·      Field trip to Our Creator’s Classroom

·      Junior Achievement which focuses on Communities

·      K-2 Advent Service

·      Pizza Hut Book-It! Program- October through March

·      Tincaps Reading Program

·      Pen Pals with students in Wisconsin and Ohio

·      Swimming Lessons at South Side Natatorium

·      End of the Year Adventure at Lion’s Park

·      Author of the Month

·      Lead a chapel service

·      Singing for a Lenten service

·      Attend weekly chapel services with our Fourth Grade chapel partners



In First Grade, our students are actively involved in all subject areas through hands-on learning, centers, games, musical activities, and drama which intertwine to enhance the learning experience.  We instill a Christ-centered education throughout our teachings and begin each day with devotions, prayers, singing, and studying of God’s Word.  Our students receive instruction in the classroom for Religion, Reading, Handwriting, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Creative Writing.  They have special teachers for Computer, Library, Gym, Art, and Music.  Our students receive a weekly homework sheet which includes reading for twenty minutes, practicing spelling and vocabulary words, and learning memory work.  By mid-year, most first grade students will be actively involved in our Accelerated Reading program.  This allows students to take comprehensive tests on books read at home or in the classroom.  We are compassionate teachers who strive to create a healthy learning environment for all students.

eLearning Days:

On an eLearning Day, students and parents will need to go to the First Grade Wiki page for the day’s assignments.  Students will have assignments in all core subject areas including: Religion, Reading, Writing, Mathematics, and Science/Social Studies.  Assignments will be a combination of internet and printed materials.  Students will have 24 hours to complete the assignment, unless prior arrangements have been made with their teacher.


2nd Grade


Activities, Events, Field Trips: 

Welcome to Second Grade!!!  We have planned a very exciting and engaging year for your child.  Each day, we participate in small groups during literacy and math centers.  Grades K-2 will lead others to prepare for Jesus’ coming at the Advent Service.  We will also take part in leading a School Chapel Service.  We will attend Science Central in connection with one of our science units.  We get the opportunity to see the Nutcracker Ballet in December.  We have many special events throughout the year, but we can’t reveal them all yet!


In second grade, students will engage in religion, reading, writing, English, spelling, math, science, and social studies.  The morning is focused on language arts (reading, writing, English, and spelling) and the afternoon is all about religion, math, science, and social studies.  Students also participate in physical education, art, music, and computer classes each week.   

eLearning Days:

When eLearning occurs due to unforeseen circumstances, all assignments are posted on the classroom Wiki page under the eLearning page. By clicking on this page all links and assignments are posted there. The assignments then need to be completed and returned to school within 24 hours. 

3rd - 5th Grade Curriculum

3rd Grade


Activities, events, field trips:

Welcome to 3rd grade!  Our first special event is the Gifting of the Bible during one of the Saturday evening Church services. Our classes will also have the opportunity to lead a Wednesday Chapel service. In the Fall, 3rd graders will learn about fire safety at the Safety Village Survive Alive House, and will also spend the afternoon at Kuehnert Dairy Farm.  Later in the year, after studying Fort Wayne history, we will visit the History Center downtown.  We will also walk over to Concordia Lutheran High School several times throughout the year for musical and theatrical performances, as well as Our Creator’s Classroom. There will be additional enjoyable and educational experiences throughout the year, as well. 


3rd grade curriculum includes: Language Arts (Reading, Writing, English, Phonics, Spelling), Math, Science, Social Studies, and Religion.  In Math, students will learn and master concepts such as fractions, multiplication, and division, while reviewing previously learned skills.  In Reading, we will have the opportunity to do whole class novel studies on Charlotte’s Web, as well as a few others.  This is in addition to our regular curriculum.  We will also do a variety of creative Book Reports.  Students will learn cursive handwriting.  3rd graders have the opportunity to use technology in the classroom.  We have 5 Specials each week- Computers, Art, Music, Library, and Physical Education. 

eLearning Days:

On an eLearning day, students will receive their assignments on RenWeb for that day.  Students will be expected to complete activities/assignments in all major subject areas.  Each classroom teacher will be available for communication during a designated time period. 


4th Grade


Activities, Events, Field Trips:

Fourth grade enjoys having 1st grade chapel partners. Students lead a chapel service. We are responsible for the Paper Gator recycling program. Students can join the Angelis Choir in 4th grade. Our special activities are Biography Day, Pioneer Day, and Indiana Night for Families.  Field trips include the December play/musical at Concordia Lutheran High School and Historic Forks of the Wabash in Huntington, IN.


Daily homework includes memory, spelling, vocabulary, math and independent reading. Other homework is assigned as needed. Throughout the year, parents will receive emails from the homeroom teacher via RenWeb.

Religion: We study attributes of the one true God, Creation, Fall, Patriarchs, Exodus, and the first Kings of Israel. Math: Students should enter fourth grade fluent in addition and subtraction facts into the teens, (ex.17-9) They will be required to learn multiplication and division facts through 12X12. Math includes problem solving strategies, operations with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals, geometry and pre-algebra. Language Arts: Students will write a five paragraph essay and learn to write an answer by restating the question, using examples from the text and a restatement of purpose. Reading comprehension skills are taught using a basal series and novels. 

eLearning Days:

Students will use their Holy Cross email account to access their fourth grade Google Classroom for instructions and links. Students will respond directly on line, or will be instructed to use their own paper as needed.


5th Grade


Activities, Events, Field Trips:

Night at the Museum (science)

Ship the Chip Challenge (science)

Lead, serve, and sing in worship at Holy Cross

Bowling at Georgetown Bowl & Swimming at Pocahontas Swim Club (end of the year)

Opportunity to participate in beginning band and athletics


In 5th grade, students are taught math, science, and religion for both 5th grade homerooms. The math curriculum focuses on the process of solving problems in order to explain why a solution is correct. The science curriculum focuses in four different strands: life science, physical science, space science, and technology & engineering. The religion curriculum is guided by Luther’s Small Catechism and the Six Chief Parts of Christian Doctrine.

eLearning Days:

Mrs. Schroeder

Mrs. Schroeder requires students to have a binder, the students receive packets of work that cover many subjects. Students use these packets daily ( as well as text books too).  So her children are very familiar with how to use all the work that is in their binders.  On eLearning days she simply assigns what would have been used out of their packets that day and if they need their texts – she gives alternative choices or if we know ahead of time the weather will be bad she informs them of which books they will be needing.

Mr. Koehler

Students and parents can expect to receive an email detailing the day’s expectations. All resources and assignments will be posted via email, RenWeb, and sometimes Google Classroom to ensure accessibility.