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Senior Saints

The Senior Saints ministry exists for members of Holy Cross who are 56 and older. Its goal  is to promote a balance of spiritual enrichment with learning, service, fellowship and travel opportunities as an encouragement in living joyful, Christ-centered adult lives. 

The Senior Saints coordinator works with a team (the SSMMT) to plan and implement events/programs that provide opportunities for seniors to participate in study, service and celebration within the Christian community of Holy Cross Lutheran Church and beyond.

Such activities include:

  • Bi-monthly Bible studies and a monthly Lunch with the Pastor
  • Educational day trips around the area or on longer trips to overnight destinations
  • Learning from inspirational  Christian speakers or experts on a variety of topics
  • Enjoying community events, dinners, musicals, theater and plays
  • Participating in game or movie nights
  • Helping with projects within and beyond Holy Cross

Click here to see our current event calendar for July - December 2018.