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New Partners

In the fall and winter we offer our 6-session relational New Partner Process called Foundations.  The goal of the process is to help potential new partners at Holy Cross grow, thrive and prosper in faith and faithful partnership at Holy Cross.  We really don't want church membership to be a technicality.  We want people to thrive and grow at Holy Cross.  Toward that end we have designed Foundations to include Partnership Cafes (interactive conversations about our church’s goals) and New Partner Online (our video-based series taught by the Pastors and Minister of Discipleship on the main parts of the Lutheran Small Catechism).  Contact our Minister of Discipleship for more information.  

The next class will be starting on Tuesday, January 15, 2019.  Click for an overview of the Winter 2019 Schedule.  To get to our New Partner Online YouTube videos click here

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