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Big Give

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The Big Give is our spring fundraiser for school improvements and scholarship funds. Thank you to our many volunteers and donations towards this event.

Crusader Run

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The Crusader Run is an annual fundraiser that takes place in late September. Students run laps in the parking lot and collect pledges from family/friends. The money goes towards improving our school such as lockers or textbooks.  This past year we raised just over $18,000 using it for more student lockers and purchasing books & technology for classrooms. Way to go Crusader Families! Please click on the button below or contact the school office to sponsor this event. 

Golf Outing

Our first annual Golf Outing was this past June 2018, we raised about $4,000. This fundraiser provides Holy Cross students with the resources and equipment necessary to support life long health & wellness through physical education and athletic participation. Thank you to all who participated and The Zacher Company for sponsoring this event.

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