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Faith Stepping Stones

Family Faith Stepping Stone events are fun, interactive workshops designed for parent(s) and their children to experience faith together.  Our goal is to support parents in leading their children’s faith formation process, and to support our teens & pre-teens in understanding their unique calling as young adult Christians.  Each program is a voluntary commitment to grow in faith in the transitions of life, designed to truly equip our young people and their families to make a Christ-like difference. 

A very special Stepping Stone event is First or Early Communion. It happens every year in January. It is offered to students between 5-8th grade and is a pre-requisite for our Confirmation process. Our belief is that Communion is a means of grace God uses to bring forgiveness to His people.  Anyone interested in taking their 1st Communion needs to go through our preparatory class .  Click here to see the Commitment Form.

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*See "Confirmation" tab for a complete list of 2018-19 middle school (6-8th) Confirmation Stepping Stone Events.  Click here for 18-19 High School Faith Stepping Stone calendar.

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