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Day One Groups

What are they?  Day One groups are a natural opportunity to create and maintain faith-based friendships.  We know it’s hard to meet people.  You are busy.  Others are too.  But we know we need good friends.  And without each-other we simply cannot be the kind of loving church we want to be.      

There are 3 types of Groups: Live, Grow and Serve Groups. The simple idea is that people connect over shared interests. LIVE Groups help you meet new people and feel a part of the community.  GROW Groups focus on Scripture and wellness topics to develop healthier habits (finance, diet and exercise). SERVE Groups do community-based projects. Whatever you need in this season of life, we hope you can connect to others!  Wherever you are in the journey, we want you know you have a place to BELONG - BELIEVE - BECOME!

Check out each group below or on our Facebook page.

If you still want to start a group it’s not too late. Just email Chad Van Meter at cvanmeter@holycrossfw.org to start the discussion. 

LIVE (belong)

Moms on the Move 3.png
  • Moms on the Move

A weekly gathering for moms with younger children to walk and talk. Meets on Mondays at 9:00 a.m. Kids can play while moms talk and walk. This group is lead by Jennifer Weaver (jweaver33@comcast.net). Check out the Moms on the Move Facebook page for the weekly location.

  • Better Together

This group is living life with others with activities throughout the year that could include biking, sledding, hiking, camping, cookouts, etc. We are going biking again on Sunday, October 14th. We will meet at Johnny Appleseed Park (near Coliseum entrance at 1:30 p.m.). Leave by 1:45 p.m.  to head to Shoaff Park (6 miles total). We will provide a snack. Please contact Nate or Laurie Carter at lauriecarter4@gmail.com or visit our Facebook page.

Co-ed Basketball.png
  • Co-ed Basketball & Fellowship

Love to play basketball? Join this group anytime for informal pickup basketball games on Mondays @ 8 p.m. in the Holy Cross gym. Open to all adults (18 & older). For more info, please contact Erik Tom at eriktom92@gmail.com. Visit our Facebook page to stay updated with the group.

Euchre 5.jpg
  • Euchre Night

This group meets to have fun, fellowship and play Euchre with other adults. Everyone is welcome to join the 2nd & 4th Thursdays of the month in the Aulick Center from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. Please check out our Facebook page for the next evening of play.

wine tasting.jpeg
  • Wine Tasting Events!  These happen seasonally. We will let you know the next time we have one.   Contact Chad Van Meter with any questions or suggestions for event ideas. cvanmeter@holycrossfw.org

GROW (believe)

Day One - REFuel.jpg

Sunday Mornings @ 9:30 am (Beginning Oct 7)

  • The Crazy Cycle in Marriage (A RightNow Media ) ~ Chad & Lesa Van Meter

     We know that divorce is a major issue in our culture today, both inside and outside the church. Despite our best attempts at love, couples find themselves paralyzed by dysfunction and mired in conflict. Why do we face so many seemingly insurmountable problems today? Is there hope for the struggle? What are we missing? Join us for a 4-part series exploring God’s unique design of men and women and how we can embrace the differences.

  • Luther’s Last Will (A Study of Smalcald Articles) ~ Pastor Ahlersmeyer

    The Smalcald Articles -- a writing by Luther in a collection of writings known as The Lutheran Confessions -- has been nicknamed "Luther's Last Will and Testament."  It expresses what he believes to be of first importance for Christian faith -- Jesus Christ and His saving work.  Luther then takes this guiding principle and uses it as a diagnostic tool to consider our beliefs and practices.  Pastor A leads this fascinating study of a nearly 500-year-old document that still speaks to the faith challenges of our age. 

Tuesday Nights @ 6:30 pm (Beginning Oct 2)

  • The Silent Illness…How the Church Can Respond to Mental Illness ~ Pastor Dennis Goff (w. Pastor A.)

    When someone in our church family becomes physically ill (i.e. homebound or recovering from hospitalization), it’s not uncommon for others to bring a casserole to cheer them up and help them out.  But what about when someone is struggling with mental health issues?  Many have said mental health issues are the “silent illness” because people don’t know what to say or do, and so consequently often do and say nothing.  In this class we will identify the commonness of mental and behavioral health issues among us, as well as explore opportunities for the faith community to respond.  Too often there is silence and stigma related to mental health issues, but the Word of God has much to say on this issue. Pastor A. will co-host.

  • Surviving Adolescence ~ Jen Schlicker

    Can you imagine being a tweener (10-12) in today’s world?  It’s a challenging time to be a kid, and maybe even harder to be a parent.  That’s why we do "Surviving Adolescence," a 3-session workshop dedicated to helping parents & pre-teens develop a plan for the next 5 years, learning together to connect faith to the daily highs & lows of a teenager.  When they’re 18, you’ll be glad you did!  

SERVE (become)

Food Bank New.jpg
  • Lifehouse/Forest Park (Our Community Food Bank Partner)

Holy Cross has a partnership with Lifehouse Forest Park's Food Bank helping neighbors in need. The food pantry is open every Tuesday and Saturday from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. serving primarily those living in the 46805 zip code. We will, however, serve anyone who is in need. It is not uncommon to provide food for 1,000 people per month. In addition to food, coats, hats, household items, etc. are available to those in need. Get connected by serving on Tuesdays or Saturdays. Contact Lowell Teska for more info at lteska@gmail.com or visit our Facebook page to stay updated on current group events.

PACK 3.png
  • PACK (Planned Acts of Christian Kindness)

A group focused on showing Christian kindness and sharing the love of Jesus with others. Contact Judy Kiess at  jkiess@holycrossfw.org. Visit our Facebook page to stay updated on group events.

sons of a carpenter (3).png
  • Sons of a Carpenter

This is a volunteer community group focused on neighborhood home repair. Some projects require a skill like roofing or siding, but others like painting do not require much skill. The group meets on Tuesdays @ 8:00 a.m. at Sun Rise Cafe to have breakfast and prayer, then split up to work/serve. If you enjoy working with your hands and fixing things, please contact Doug Brenneke at intteghi@gmail.com. Visit our Facebook page to see the next project. 

King's Community Outreach (1).png
  • Lewis A. King Community Outreach

This group meets weekly on Sundays @ 2 p.m. for Bible study and planning monthly community projects at King's Barbershop & Community Center (502 E. Pontiac). Contact Vicar Lewis A. King for more info at laking@holycrossfw.org. Visit our Facebook page to stay updated on current group events.

Tuesday Crew 2.png
  • Tuesday Crew

This group meets weekly on Tuesdays @ 9 a.m. to help HC Facility Driector, Dave Gross with projects at the church and school. This is a way to give back to Holy Cross in a tangible way. Contact Dave Gross at dgross@holycrossfw.org. Visit our Facebook page to learn more.