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Confirmation is a special time in the faith journey of our young people.  It’s a time in our Lutheran-Christian tradition when young adults contemplate the meaning of their faith and decide to confirm (or not) the vows which were spoken for them at their baptism.  It is a time when the faith of their family and congregation becomes THEIR faith.  We know it is absolutely crucial for us as a church and especially you as parents to partner with your teen in this journey. 

In 6th Grade, we begin preparing future Confirmands and their families for the serious commitments they will make on their Confirmation Day (at the end of 8th grade). The Family Faith Stepping Stone Event for 2017 is Surviving Adolescence on three Tuesday nights (Oct. 3, 17, 24).

In 7th Grade & 8th Grade, there are two Faith Family Stepping Stone Events for 2017-18 on two Saturday mornings (Faith in the Home Part 1 - Oct. 21, Part 2 - Mar. 3). 

In 8th Grade, we have two workshops (Oct. 21 & Mar. 3) and home journals for home school/public school students, plus 20 videos to watch as a family with homework worksheets for the 8th grade class to complete throughout the year.  See the 8th grade schedule of events.